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Care of your Wood cooking items (cutting boards, serving boards, trivets, cheese slicers etc...)

  • Never put in the dishwasher

  • Hand wash with soap and water

  • Remove excess water & allow to air dry on all sides before putting away

  • Apply mineral oil or Gino's board butter every three months or as needed.

  • DO NOT use vegetable oils (they can go rancid)

  • If you wish to disinfect - wipe the item with lemon juice or vinegar and wait one minute, then rinse.  After drying, apply oil or Gino's board butter.

Why are end grain products more expensive than side grain?


End grain work takes two to three times as long to make.  It also requires much more precision and leads to the creation of artistic work.

Is there benefit beyond the look of end grain that makes it worth the additional investment?

Yes!  For a cutting board, end grain helps keep your knifes sharper.  It also shows much less wear over time.  This is due to the nature of the end grain of a piece of wood.  Think of it as a bunch of tiny straws that separate slightly  when a knife is pushed into them.  The wood "repairs" itself as the knife is removed.  With edge grain, there is only a hard surface that will more quickly show nicks and cuts made by a knife.

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